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Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwoods floors that we install, repair or refinish will enhance every room of the house and suit almost every style and everyone’s taste. We also offer our expert advice before and during the flooring installation work, ranging from decorating and design tips to unique hardwood applications’ recommendations. And this is all to add the beauty and warmth of hardwood floors throughout your home!

As it is difficult to have 2 houses with the same structure, same moisture conditions, same indoor settings and usage purposes, providing the same advice or services for different customers will become an unprofessional measure. That is the reason why Flooring Service Group offers customized services to each customer and their individual flooring requirements. All you need to do is to contact us if you feel that we might be properly serving your needs.

When we are aware of the conditions and of your particular needs, we will provide you with basic information and actions that you need to undergo to achieve your purpose. That means, even if you do not choose to have us install your hardwood, we will be happy to answer your questions or to comment your concerns.

We will also contract just the right volume of work that we can handle with outmost efficiency and maintaining the high quality at all times having control of our jobs at all times.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood floors come unfinished (will be finished on the site after installation) or finished in a factory. There are certain advantages and disadvantages for both types of solid hardwood.

See Simple Guidelines.


Engineered hardwood is made of several layers of hardwood veneer, being stacked on top of each other. This way of stacking the veneers helps the engineered hardwood floor to resist to expansion and contraction as wood always tends to expand one way.