Almost every household faced in its existence a choice regarding the interior design and interior decoration. Interior decoration refers to the "art of decorating a room", as simply as it could be expressed. Why do people and families choose to decorate their house or living space? Because by decorating a room, they intend to make it attractive, easy to use and to function well with the existing architecture of the house, or just to make it look on their own taste. Applying wallpaper, painting the walls, choosing furniture and appliances, floor design and materials to be used, matching sculptures and paintings, are all part of this process of interior decoration. (we used the term of interior decoration as opposed to the interior design which basically refers to the manipulating of the architectural integrity of the interior space).

Wood flooring is a type of flooring made from hardwoods' timber (broad-leave trees type of wood vs. wood from cone-bearing trees also called softwood). Usually you find 2 basic manufactured types of wood: unfinished, which needs to be sanded and coated after being installed on site, and a pre-finished type, constructed through special factory processes using special chemicals to increase the wear and humidity resistance.