Green Architecture is a term used to describe economical, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, sustainable development. These resources explore the relationship between architecture and ecology, and show how you can use concepts of green design in your own home.

Starting few years ago, the new trend oriented to safe environment products and processes gain more and more importance every day, until it became a widely spread issue, becoming a pro-active approach regarding the environment. More people than ever are concerned over the "green" business ethic, concerned and interested in healthy living conditions and products that fit into this ideal.

When deciding to have new floor covering, you should keep in mind that you can combine style in interior decoration and responsibility towards healthy and clean environment. How? Simply, you can use hardwood floors, because unlike most floor covering products, wood floors come from a natural resource that is sustainable. Nowadays, most timber is comes from forests that are carefully managed and supervised exactly to ensure healthy and continuous resources for the future. More to that, there is now more standing hardwood timber today than there was 50 years ago. A well-managed and renewable resource, American hardwoods grow abundantly in North American forests and nearly twice as much hardwood grows each year as is harvested in the U.S.

Other factor to be considered is what happens after the use of the material is over, when choosing an environmentally friendly flooring material. Consumers should consider what happens to old building materials after their useful life. Many end up in landfills where they can sit for literally hundreds of years. Hardwood floors, however, are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.